Amazing Fantasy - Aragna Ker

Amazing Fantasy I - Aragna Ker


Amazing Fantasy I (detail 2) - Aragna Ker  Amazing Fantasy I (detail 3) - Aragna Ker  Amazing Fantasy I (detail 4) - Aragna Ker


Amazing Fantasy I (My Father), 2011
Works on paper
30" x 22"


Amazing Fantasy V - Aragna Ker


​​​​Amazing Fantasy V (detail 1) - Aragna Ker  ​​​​Amazing Fantasy V (detail 2) - Aragna Ker  ​​​​Amazing Fantasy V (detail 3) - Aragna Ker


Amazing Fantasy V (My Lil Sister), 2012
Works on paper
30" x 22"

“I made the series Amazing Fantasy in order to explore the complexity of the human condition. Amazing Fantasy re-examines not only adversity, but also the transformative quality of adverse circumstances. Within this body of work, I raise polarizing notions found within the immigrant experience in order to offer multiple perspectives. Amazing Fantasy symbolizes a call for change against pre-existing narratives.

As an artist, I continue to curiously attack simplistic materials with the potency of motive. Watercolors and comic book covers create a space for the main characters to transform into superheroes, fusing fantasy with reality. The collages channel a multimedia approach to changing the condition of one’s surroundings.

Amazing Fantasy is an autobiographical reflection of life’s journey, thus far, along with narratives that depict cultural theft, the exploitation of innocence, and psychological invasions.” -- Aragna Ker