Aletheia Hyun-Jin Shin

Aletheia Hyun-Jin Shin

Aletheia Hyun-Jin Shin is a Korean community artist. Her life experience growing up as a third culture kid, born in Canada, and raised in US and Korea, informs her interest in transnational, inter-cultural, and social practice art. Recently completing her Master in Fine Arts degree in Community Arts from Maryland Institute College of Arts, she continues to practice incorporating the methodology of community organizing and storytelling in her artistic praxis, focusing on building local leadership through creative platforms that promote solidarity and community voices. Collaborating as an artistic asset in various Korean communities, Aletheia seeks to facilitate the creation of artistic narrative projects as a vehicle to nurture culture, build community, and bring awareness to the long standing Korean community in Baltimore.

Consumption - Finding the comfort couch

Consumption, 2014-2015

CONSUMPTION is a project that grew out of Rick Lowe’s residency with Asian Arts Initiative. The goal of the project was to explore ways to bridge relationships between the diverse stakeholders along Pearl Street in Philadelphia’s Chinatown North.

Emily Chow Bluck and Aletheia Hyun-Jin Shin - Who's Who

Who's Who

Emily Chow Bluck and Aletheia Hyun-Jin Shin
Who's Who, 2015
Digital photographs
11 x 22"

Who's Who is an outdoor portrait series of some of the stakeholders of Pearl Street alley. Each portrait is accompanied by short biographies written by the individuals themselves and exhibited along the 1200 block of Pearl Street.

Featured in Loving Blackness