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Claris Park

Claris Park is a Philadelphia based actor, writer, and director with an interest in new works and works focused on intersectionality, social identity, and collective liberation. They are a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and a recent apprentice at InterAct Theatre Company. Currently, they are in Delaware Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing as “Hero,” and upcoming acting credits include “Baby” in Close Your Legs, Honey and “Duck” in Inis Nua’s Monster in the Hall. Upcoming directing credits includes A New Kind of Whole, a new play by Paige Zubel.


The DJZ, 2018

We invite you to navigate the bizarrely familiar world of The Department of Judgement Zoning where identity rules and bureaucracy is not as mundane as it seems...

The DJZ is an interactive theatre piece exploring identity, solidarity, and collective liberation.