Sunlit photo of Dongyi Wu against a bright green hedge

Dongyi Wu

Dongyi Wu is a multidisciplinary artist and designer raised in the Bay Area (Ohlone territory) and subtropical China, whose practice is inspired by ancestry, storytelling, and earth-based spirituality. Their explorations manifest in mediums ranging from zine making, painting, performance, to land stewardship, all of which interweaves into a mysterious process called life.

Dongyi is a member of a Bay Area based QTBIPOC performing arts collective, and is training to be a community herbalist. They hold a BA in Design Media Arts and Gender Studies from UCLA.

They’ve been working with Unity since 2017 and continues to support their work in empowering and building queer community.

Painting of a huddle of people of color, by Jeffrey Cheung (2020)

Unity At the Initiative

Centered in the art and social justice practice of Jeffrey Cheung and Unity, Unity at the Initiative is designed to give visibility and community to skaters, queer and/or trans people of color, and Asian Americans while challenging mainstream perceptions of each group. Begins September 2020.