Golden Brown Girls (Sonia Barrett, Indrani Ashe, Shannon Lewis)

Indrani Ashe

Indrani Ashe is an artist and educator who has exhibited widely in Indonesia and in New York and Chicago in the US. She has been involved in education at the Brooklyn Museum, New Jersey Visual Arts Center, and Penabur International School. Indrani holds an MFA in Visual Art from Goldsmiths, University of London.


The Golden Brown Girls in "The Black Pow(d)er Room"

Indrani Ashe, Sonia E. Barrett & Shannon Lewis
The Golden Brown Girls in "The Black Pow(d)er Room", 2017
13 minutes

The Golden Brown Girls is named in homage to the American sitcom “The Golden Girls,” Indrani Ashe and Shannon Lewis imagine their future 30 years from now as women of color and professional creatives sharing houses together in international arthubs.

Featured in Loving Blackness