Jino Lee

Jino Lee

Jino Lee is a photographer based in Philadelphia. He is interested in how the quotidian use of photography creates stories we choose to remember as reality. With installations and bookmaking, he explores ways to experience photographs poetically and understand the nuance between reality and fiction in pictures.

Wonders of Seeing Exhibit

Wonders of Seeing, 2016

Wonders of Seeing features images inspired from Jino Lee’s photography walks with students from Asian Arts Initiative’s Youth Arts Workshop, local residents, and visitors throughout the Chinatown North neighborhood.

Jino Lee - Untitled (Fabric)

Untitled (Fabric)

Untitled (Fabric), 2017
Inkjet print on fabric, old electric fan
26” x 28”

Untitled (Fabric) is an image of an interracial couple printed on fabric, endlessly waving in a breeze from an old oscillating fan. While photographs themselves do not represent the truth, they give us believable stories with a compelling sense of truth. This photograph suggests a delicate relationship between two people in the image: together yet lonesome, complex yet hopeful, and when paired with a touch of gentle breeze, the intricate poetry in the photograph seems to be beautifully everlasting.

Featured in A More Perfect Union