Katya Gorker

Katya Gorker is a Russian born, artist and filmmaker whose work grapples with cultural identity, language and the complexities of translating personal experience across film, multi-media performance, and installation. She is an Assistant Professor of Communication, Media Studies and Production at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia.

Hot Tea Cart

Hot Tea Cart, 2012-2013

HOT TEA CART is a mobile service bicycle-driven cart that hosted a series of mini-events throughout the neighborhood of Chinatown North from April to September 2013. The purpose was to activate underutilized spaces in the neighborhood, bring attention to needed services, and create a gathering place for exchange among neighborhood residents and workers. The consistent offering of the cart will be hot tea, curated by Random Tea House based on the theme and tone of a given event.

The artists structured activities, prompts, and events to instigate and encourage participation from those who came to the cart. They also worked with community leaders and residents prior to the launch of the cart to structure the activities around the different needs and interests of the neighborhood. HOT TEA CART ultimately made visible the connections and relationships between people who regularly live, work, and pass through the neighborhood.