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Keven Quach

Keven “Kipo” Quach (she/they/he) is a nonbinary artist and spoken word poet living in Southern California. The child of Vietnam War refugees with ancestors from the Teochew region of China, Keven is deeply interested in cultural history, especially as it pertains to art and movement practices. Keven studied in the Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies Department of UC Berkeley from 2015-2019.

In their writing and choreography, Keven values humor, community relationships, and geekdom. They are an avid novel and webcomics reader, as well as a fan of cartoons with queer fantastical storylines e.g. Steven Universe. Always a child at heart, Keven appreciates engaging with stories and groups that center youth voices; they believe there’s always much to learn from the newer generations.

Keven Quach - on moving time - Altar

on moving time

on moving time, 2017
Spoken word poetry

A poem authored at 3 in the morning explores the effects of diaspora on the concept of home. Written and performed by Keven Quach, on moving time considers the choices made when moving to a new country and how they impact future generations.

Featured in Hurry Up and Wait