Portrait of the artist facing away from the camera, featuring a Kirby's Dreamland patch on the jacket.

Kirby Reiko McKenzie

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Kirby Reiko McKenzie grew up skating the streets of Philadelphia back in the 90’s, quit for a good long time, and resumed 7 years ago while living in Oakland, California. Excited by the quickly expanding women and queer skate community, she spent as much time as possible enmeshed in it--taking skate road trips and frequenting Bay area spots with friends. She helped organize skate meetups with Skate Like A Girl, SF and documented what she could of the west coast’s women and queer skate community through 35mm film--her website skatecrush.com is an archive of those times. She moved back to Philadelphia in 2017 and currently teaches fine woodworking at NextFab, a local maker space, and spends her weekends learning auto mechanics and making furniture and clothes for friends.