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Lanica Angpak

Lanica Angpak is a second generation Cambodian American artist living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She comes from a family of artists (her grandmother working in textiles, her father in jewelry, her mother in dance, and her sister in writing). Lanica has established herself as a classically trained Khmer dancer, having 20 years of experience. She teaches, performs, and runs a Philadelphia-based nonprofit Khmer arts organization (Cambodian American Girls Empowering). Additionally, she serves on the PA Governor’s Advisory Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs, leading the AAPI Arts Collective for the commonwealth. Currently, Lanica is venturing into photographing and building a community archive to document the experience of Khmer American community across the United States. Her project, Khmer, Again, is currently based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Like Yeay Pov 1 - Lanica Angpak - Young girl in a field of marigolds

Like Yeay Pov 1

Like Yeay Pov 1, 2019
Digital photo
10" x 8"

Kayla (11) crouches in a wild growth of marigolds to recreate a photo of when her grandmother was laughing with friends in Khao I Dang (refugee camp in Thailand, post Khmer Rouge). While the recreation does not mirror the original photograph, it does carry the same sunlight and youthfulness.

Featured in Thank You No Thank You