Lisa Pradhan - In Search of Queer, Nepalis

Lisa Pradhan

Lisa Pradhan is a Newari, multimedia artist and organizer who grew up glitched in the socal suburb of Rancho Bernardo. Conceptually obsessed with the states of living (ex. joy, illinx, hygge), Lisa looks to create the “impossible” through somatic, performance, and digital work. Lisa’s shown at the Asian Art Museum, the Pacific Heritage Museum, and AS Gallery and co-curated the Performing Arts showcase for Kearny Street Workshop’s (KSW) APAture 2017: Unravel and Appendix’s </3.

Lisa Pradhan - In Search of Queer, Nepalis

In Search of Queer, Nepalis

In Search of Queer, Nepalis, 2018
Collaborative Installation curated by Lisa Pradhan
Various dimensions
What does it mean to build “queer, Nepalese - American community” when many of us spend upwards of 30 years of our lives as "the only queer, Nepali person" we know? If you knew someone else existed, what questions would you ask them? What answers would you provide to them?
Contributing Artists:
Atish Baidya
Raghav Bashyal
Kshitiz KC
Shristi Pant
Raji Manjari Pokhrel
Lisa Pradhan
Saksham Rai
Neha Rayamajh

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