Marina Murayama-Nir Headshot

Marina Murayama-Nir

Marina Murayama’s musical writing explores themes of mixedness, decolonization, and accountability. Though Marina has roots in the classical tradition, their current music weaves together synthesized electronic textures and lush orchestral soundscapes. Outside of composing and performing, Marina teaches high school music with the School District of Philadelphia.

Marina also served on the working group for The Beat of Resistance.

imprint, ember, hearth (performance)

imprint, ember, hearth, 2019

imprint, ember, hearth was an exploration of the Okinawan Kamiuta, a ceremonious song that celebrates sacred spaces on the islands. The project manifested as a series of music and sound collages; assembled with samples of elders singing the songs, orchestral loops, and electronic manipulation devices, a small video installation/altar set with visuals.