Meei Ling Ng

Meei Ling Ng

Mission driven, Singapore-born artist, Meei Ling Ng is a multi-media installation artist, graphic designer, and urban farmer. For the past several years her art installations have focused on raising public awareness on urban farming, sustainable living, and ways to include the natural world in our lives. Interacting with and engaging the surrounding community has been an important component to these projects. As an artist and urban farmer, sharing her knowledge of farming and the natural world has been part of her artistic approach. She believes that making social connections  and forming relationships that inform and shape the final work. Most of her art installations are functional art integrated into existing environments or working facilities such as urban farms. Besides painting, Meei Ling mainly uses found, recycled, and reclaimed materials to create her projects. She also experiments with a variety of mediums such as lighting and video, and has lately been incorporating them into her sculptures and installations. Her artwork often remains on-site permanently to be used by the collaborators or to benefit the community in some way.

Meei Ling at the Farm, photo by Sang Cun

Sunday Breakfast Farm, 2014-present

Starting in February 2015, artist-in-residence Meei Ling Ng began working with men and women at the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission and volunteers from the Chinatown North neighborhood to set up a vertical farm and art installation in the mission’s parking lot along Vine Street. Since it launched, the farm has become a venue for food education, food production, and community building.

Meei Ling Ng - Farm to Kitchen to Table

Farm to Kitchen to Table

Farm to Kitchen to Table, 2017
Seed trays, seeds, soil
10 x 20"

Farm to Kitchen to Table was a joint venture of Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, Sunday Breakfast Farm, and Foo Kitchen to provide a training program for the men in the shelter to develop, enhance and improve cooking skills that will provide them with marketable skills for future employment in the food industry.

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