Amanda Kemp, Francis Wong, and Michael T. Jamanis

Michael T. Jamanis

Michael T. Jamanis received a Bachelor of Music from The Juilliard School, a Master of Music from Yale University, and a Doctor of Musical Arts from Rutgers University. He has been the recipient of numerous awards throughout his career, including the Lincoln Center, Victor Herbert, Metro-Media and National Federation of Music Clubs Awards. In addition, Jamanis has worked with such artists as Arnold Steinhardt and Leonard Bernstein. He has appeared as a soloist on NPR radio and PBS television. He is a founding member of the acclaimed Newstead Trio and has performed in major concert halls worldwide as a soloist and chamber musician.  Dr. Jamanis has been Instrumental and innovative in offering musically enriching experiences to diverse audiences around the world. As a teacher and educator, he has provided performance and educational programs from inner city schools to colleges, to music conservatories.

Photos by Leon Sun

Real Soul: Black and Asian Unity

Amanda Kemp, Michael T. Jamanis, Leon Sun, and Francis Wong
Real Soul: Black and Asian Unity
Photography and live musical performance
14 x 11”

Real Soul includes Leon Sun’s beautiful photographs from the 1988 Jesse Jackson presidential campaign in Georgia, and live performances of I remember Tiananmen 1989 and Say Her Name: Black Women Killed while in Police Custody, two jazz works by Francis Wong with spoken word text by Dr. Amanda Kemp.

Featured in Loving Blackness