The artist Olivia Neutron-John sites in a billowing white robe against a black backdrop. Their dark hair is parted down the middle and drawn back, they wear rectangular dark sunglasses to shade their eyes, their mouth is set as they gave pensively forward.

Olivia Neutron-John

Work Included in Care Package
Identity traits

Ambiguity drives OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHN - the feeling of imminent danger in nearly going off the rails, just barely kept in line with the order of rhythm. OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHN magnetizes with their hypnotic repetition, only to disorient with a catchy line gone awry. Any moment might send their compositions into a totally different atmosphere, like Ian Curtis playing on the moon. The punk sensibilities of O N-J’s dance music ride a delicate balance between chaos and precision. Fictions of genre and gender are even further behind us, making way for OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHN.