Artist Owen Taylor / TrueLove Seeds stands in front a deep red paneled wall, he wears dark denim work jeans and a short-sleeved workshirt. Owen leans to the side, one hand on his hip and the other balancing a clear mason jar filled with seeds. Owen smiles confidently at the camera.

Owen Taylor

Work Included in Care Package

Owen Taylor recently launched Truelove Seeds, a seed company offering culturally important vegetable, herb, and flower seeds grown by urban and rural farmers committed to community food sovereignty and sustainable agriculture. He also grows open-pollinated seeds, herbs, and flowers at Mill Hollow Farm in Edgemont, Pennsylvania, west of his home in Germantown, Philadelphia. On the farm, growers from Philly, NYC, and beyond practice keeping seeds and building sovereignty. Part of his focus on the farm is growing crops from southern Italy and Ireland as a way to connect to his ancestors and plant relatives from those places. He runs the Philadelphia Seed Exchange, facilitating seed swaps and workshops in partnership with the Free Library of Philadelphia and other groups. Before all of this, and following a decade of working with food justice organizations in San Francisco, New York City, and Philadelphia, Owen Taylor managed William Woys Weaver's historic Roughwood Seed Collection in Devon, Pennsylvania for four years.