Pritha Bhattacharyya

Pritha Bhattacharyya

Pritha Bhattacharyya is a Bengali-American writer who received her B.A. from Cornell University. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Nashville Review, Ninth Letter, Apogee Journal, Bodega, RHINO Poetry, Litro Online, Plain China: Best Undergraduate Writing, and elsewhere. She currently serves as a prose reader for The Adroit Journal.

Four shadow boxes arranged in a square each displaying a letter written on blue paper. The one on the bottom left contains envelopes, a pen, a pencil, and a postage stamp with a guava design. - Pritha Bhattacharyya - Guava Letter

Guava Letter

Guava Letter, 2017

Guava Letter is a three-part visual and lyrical representation of a letter the artist imagined one of her parents writing back to their mother after arriving in Michigan in April 1993. This piece explores the dichotomy of said and unsaid, and the emotional influence of word choice on the people one loves.

Featured in Hurry Up and Wait