The artist Rachel Ishikawa sits in the grass outside against a clear blue sky. Her hair is a in a low braid over her shoulder, bangs falling in her face as she turns to look at the camera. She is wearing dark t-shirt dress with a floral design.

Rachel Ishikawa

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Mixed Race


Rachel Ishikawa is a radiomaker and produces music under the moniker Shakai Mondai, which translates to "social problem." She's often thinking of society's problems and how we can organize to overthrow the ruling class. For years she made music mostly using computers and synths, but recently has turned towards guitar. When she's not working with sounds, she's biking, cooking, and scheming with her buds.

Chinatown Beats logo

Chinatown Beats, 2016-2017

Our stories reverberate through sound. Our voices, our songs, even the sounds outside our windows help define who we are. As part of her Social Practice Lab residency, Rachel Ishikawa used created Chinatown Beats to explore the ways we define place and self through sound in the Chinatown North community, and to transform everyday sounds into narratives that map out our own sonic culture.

The audio portraits created with YAW were featured in The Beat of Resistance.