Rea Christina Sampilo - At What Cost? A Performative

Rea Christina Sampilo

Rea Christina Sampilo is an emerging artist living and working in Houston, Texas. She was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey and moved to Houston at the age of 17. She has a B.S. in Sociology and M.A. in Performance Studies from Texas A&M University, College Station. Her work is mainly conveyed through cultural, hip-hop, theatre, and dance performances and is influenced by her experiences as a Filipina American living in the South. She is a founding member and the Co-President of UniPro Texas and the Vice President of FAHNS in Houston. She aims to expand her creative horizons to interactive mixed media pieces such as At What Cost? A Performative.

Rea Christina Sampilo - At What Cost? A Performative

At What Cost? A Performative

At What Cost? A Performative, 2017
Mixed media, wood
32 x 20 x 3.75”

At What Cost? A Performative is an interactive piece. It provides a macro view of borders and walls that exist and existed internationally. The piece was constructed to replicate a gameboard with the concepts of plinko and the Michel De Certeau’s “what the map cuts up, the story cuts across” in mind. The act of an individual inserting “currency” into the diorama represents how the flow or placement of currency can make, break, and prevent passage within or across borders and wall. The materials within the diorama may break, but it is subject to the choice of the individual. 

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