Rebecca Goldschmidt

Rebecca Goldschmidt

Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1987. Her background in languages and image-making are her tools on a path exploring hybrid processes of digital and analog photography, assemblage/collage/montage, video, and sound. Raised in the ponderosa pines of Flagstaff and on the coast of Lake Michigan in Chicago, the act of relocating, readjusting and nomadic change has been a constant. She chooses to work in community spaces on collaborative, educational projects that reclaim knowledge that has been suppressed, devalued, or otherwise marginalized. Rebecca is currently a candidate for a Master of Fine Arts in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa in Honolulu. Her current work explores the lives of Filipino-Americans in Hawai’i and the decolonial reclamation of language, culture, and knowledge.

Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt - Nabanglo a lamisaan / Aromatic table - Book

Nabanglo a lamisaan / Aromatic table

Nabanglo a lamisaan / Aromatic table, 2018
Sukang ilocos (sugarcane vinegar), glass bottles, digital inkjet print, sugarcane.
32” x 92” x 72”
In the Filipino kitchen, vinegar is an omnipresent ingredient. But beyond its culinary value, it also serves as a medicinal and spiritual tool that has been essential to human survival, through sickness, revolution, strikes and displacement across cultures and borders. Nabanglo a lamisaan is an interactive installation inviting viewers to experience sukang ilocos, a sugarcane vinegar native to the northern Philippines and used widely in the Ilokano & Filipino communities in Hawai’i.

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