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Rego is a groundbreaking artist whose sound is dynamic, raw, moody, and sprawling. After her breakout single, Pray For You, Rego has quickly amassed a cult following through her riotous live performances.

Rego is enigmatic, stylish, and nuanced. Her raw emotion and passion make her a true trailblazer in all regards. Rego's genre-transcending approach to music is a breath of fresh air.

"To Be Determined", her debut EP, is certainly ambitious. Each track is introspective and emotionally-charging. With sprawling production and vulnerable lyrics, Rego has created a well-rounded project that will resonate with many audiences.

Keep your eyes gazed on the half Vietnamese, half Guatemalan rising star.


Pray For You

Pray For You
Written & Performed by Rego @regothereshego
Executive Produced by Justin Miller @slowwaveaudio
Produced by @producedbydelgado

Video Credits:
Director & Cinematographer | Tristan Seyek
Producers | Tristan Seyek & Kevin Aponte
Assistant Camera | Fawwat Allie
Editor & Colorist | Erica Dillman
Special Thanks | GREASE NYC


Featured in The Beat of Resistance