Portrait of the artist with blue lipstick against a blue background.

Wit López

Work Included in Care Package
Identity traits
African American
Gender Non-Conforming
Chronically Ill

Wit López is an award-winning multidisciplinary maker, performer, cultural advocate, and public speaker based in Philadelphia, PA. As a performer, Wit uses movement, music, costuming, props, and storytelling to address issues that deeply impact their communities by harnessing themes like gender identity/gender fluidity, body image, disability, illness, hairiness, sexuality, Blackness, Latinidad, and class. They are a classically trained mezzo-soprano, flautist, and actor, with extensive training in West African dance, Afro-Puerto Rican dance, ballet, and modern. With their practice in craft, Wit designs installation experiences through furniture (new and upcycled), textiles, and home goods that prioritize the importance of comfort, accessibility, audience interaction, and warm memories for the artist and viewer. Through these themes and media, their work is tied together by exploring the use of absurdity as a tool for radical joy, healing, and empathy as resistance.