Artist Zsa Zsa Dali gazes off camera to the right, wearing a dark v neck against a blue-black backdrop. they are wearing rectangular wire glasses, and their light brown curly hair is cut close, matching their cropped beard and mustache.

Zsa Zsa Dali

Zsa Zsa Dalí is a local Philadelphia photographer, drag artist, and activist that specializes in event and portrait photography. Having traveled the country to do everything from journalism, sports coverage, weddings, and tv/film; they’ve developed a fast paced style of photography that captures the emotion behind the action. When they’re not bouncing between gigs or working in their lab; you can catch them experimenting with their makeup and sewing- or being an absolute bum bingeing a few too many tv shows. Check out their photography on Instagram @zzdphotography or their drag/makeup Instagram @zsazsadali