Arien Wilkerson/TNMOT AZTRO: 835 Hours of Hope & Despair

Rendering by Jacob Weinberg of Arien Wilkerson dancing cropped against black backdrop

WIP (Work in Progress): 835 Hours of Hope & Despair examines how conditional forces of pain for queer people of color are compounded by social-economic conditions, manic institutions, and flawed educational systems. We question, answer, and solve ideas on components of the anti aesthetic, urges to violence, and What are queer children to aspire to when they put on their finery and make art from their pain? The work is a hypotheses on how humans employ/deploy pain upon each other, in relation to the queer American rags to riches story. 

This work was made in collaboration with performance artist Chloe Newton, Bessie nominated composer Kwami Winfield, digital and analog media artist Jacob Weinberg, acting director: Domenic Pellegrini, costumes by Hilton Palmer and domsentfrommars and dramaturgy from Public Scholar TK Smith.

Suggested advance tickets are $15-$25 on a sliding scale. Tickets at the door will be $25. Doors will open at 7pm.


Image rendering by Jacob Weinberg.