The Erotic Project Opening Reception

A person covered in pink veil

THE EROTIC PROJECT is an ongoing collaborative multimedia art project created in Philadelphia in early 2020 during quarantine inside the bedroom of artist Aubrié Costello. The project explores inclusive, accessible eroticism as mutual care for our holistic healing, and has grown into a collective of 40+ artists from Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Portland, + Mexico City.

THE EROTIC PROJECT approaches eroticism through the exploration of a vast, varied, & nuanced spectrum of where it can be found & experienced– within art, food, travel, work, self care rituals, personal practice, passions, identity, sex, sexuality, and in any moment which inspires & offers peace, pleasure, catharsis, joy, rest, space, freedom, and a deeper understanding of self & of the human experience.

Our project collaborators engage in mitigating trauma, (re)building community, cultivating safe space(s) to express ourselves more fully and calm our nervous systems through thoughtful & thought-provoking collaborative art-making.

Together without shame and with care & consent, we co-create intimate & revealing portrait vignettes in assorted media to celebrate our identities, destigmitize, and unveil the private parts of ourselves often deemed as facets best kept discreet and chastised by the imperialist white supremacist patriarchal gaze. With this work, we invite you to see us entirely as we are now.

This exhibition will open along with The Body You Want, with a performance by OHYUNG


The Storefront will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2-6pm, and Saturdays by appointment only. 

Image courtesy of the artist.