THE EROTIC PROJECT: Participatory Podcast Recording

"The Erotic Project - Podcast" text in front of image of person covered in fabric

Join us on Saturday June 24th 2-6PM to be featured in an episode of THE EROTIC PROJECT PODCAST! During this Participatory Podcast Recording event, community members can take part in creating a podcast episode in a fun way. Sign up for a 10 minute slot to be paired with another community member you may or may not have met before. During the 10 minute slot, you’ll both enter a recording booth (located inside The Storefront at Asian Arts Initiative) & be given cards handwritten by project creator Aubrié Costello with 2-3 questions to ask each other while being recorded. Question cards will spark a dialogue between participants during the episode. These sessions will be edited into an episode of THE EROTIC PROJECT PODCAST.  RSVP required as only 20 total people can participate in the recording session. Limited ADA access in booth. Masks required.