The Great American Gunshow

A decorative bullet over stylized American flag stripes contains the title of the show, The Great American Gun Show.

How do we find the humanity in the great gun control/reform debate?

Since 2020, members of Team Sunshine Performance have traveled again and again to Bloomsburg PA to speak with hunters, law enforcement, mothers, and even the mayor about their relationship with guns and the gun debate. The goal for this series of interviews is to inform an exploration that seeks to uncover the humanity behind the debate.

Team Sunshine Performance and Asian Arts Initiative invite you to work-in-progress showings of The Great American Gunshow, an original, live performance conceived by Asian-American, multidisciplinary performing artist, former-U.S. Marine, and Co-Artistic Director of Team Sunshine, Makoto Hirano.

Team Sunshine will present two performances, on Friday August 19th and Saturday August 20th at 7:30pm. All tickets are pay what you can.


About the Artists

Team Sunshine Performance is a Philadelphia based company of theater and dance creators looking for something unique, passionate, dark, and hilarious from contemporary American live performance. Formed in 2010, Team Sunshine has created multiple shows and experiences through its own brand of collaborative play-making and writing. Team Sunshine is committed to exploring unique ideas in art, entertainment, and sustainable careers for its collaborators.

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