Land Based Jawns Workshop

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Grow-Bag Workshop: What do you need to not just survive, but thrive? 

Much of the rhetoric around life outdoors is from a lens of survival. Survivalism operates from a place of scarcity and disconnection. What if we returned to our ancestral ways of being in relationship with Mama Earth? What if we reframed how we think about life outdoors as one where we thrive and live in connection with the land? Instead of a go-bag, we will talk about things to consider putting in your grow-bag

During this interactive workshop, facilitators will encourage you to think about what brings you joy. What helps you to feel grounded, centered, and secure when the world around you seems unstable. We will cover some essential things to consider when living outdoors, and we will also help you to personalize what it is that you need to thrive and be well outdoors. We encourage participants to bring an item of meaning with them to the workshop. Think about something that helps you to remember your value and/or purpose. This could be a photo of loved ones, seeds, sage, crystals, etc. You will have the opportunity to share with others what you brought and why but it is not required. After talking about the significance of our items, participants will learn about and demo different equipment and gear that is helpful when living (and thriving) outdoors.

Land Based Jawns is an organization rooted in Spirit and ancestral spiritual practices. They provide education and training to Black women, femme, and non-binary people, on agriculture, land based living, safety, and carpentry. They do so with a focus on self and community healing. Much of their work and training is guided by the skills and lessons highlighted throughout the Parable of the Sower series by Octavia Butler.

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