Qunify Mental Wellness Summit

Qunify Mental Wellness Summit Poster

Presented by Qunify and AAI, The Mental Wellness Summit will feature various speakers, educators, healers, and activists to facilitate community conversations on self-care and collective-care for our qtpoc community. We are inviting trauma-informed and LGBTQ-competent practitioners to support our community in connecting to sustainable resources after the event. We will focus on ensuring Black, brown, queer, and trans people are centered throughout the process and reflected in both the presenters and conversation topics. 

Some of the workshops and presentations we will be hosting for the Mental Wellness Summit include: Healing the Healer, Managing Death and Grief, and Healing through BDSM. A small breakfast and lunch is included with your ticket. We can't wait to host this incredible event for everyone. See you there!

Partner Bio:
Qunify is a LGBTQ+ social community that organizes events to gather people to foster personal connection, group community, and city partnership to make additional spaces and opportunities open for all LGBTQ+ people to be safe, comfortable, and visible to achieve a world that welcomes, embraces, and supports all people.

Additional details can be found on the ticketing page.