Radio AAI

detail of the body conduit installation

Asian Arts Initiative welcomes you to explore Radio AAI, an interactive storefront highlighting our experiments with radio.

Radio has long been a part of the grassroots vernacular: as alternative media, as a mutual aid tool, as a means to share information to limited listeners, as an uncanny symbol of early technological connectivity, as a hobby tool for conspiracists of disaster mentality. 

Radio AAI in our 1223 Storefront presents three installations. First is Body Conduit, an Experiment in Electromagnetic Socio-Interference by artist collective Sound Museum Collective (SMC) that invites viewers to interact with the installation to amplify the invisible sonic environment and consider the ways in which these typically unheard sounds comment on our relationships to the planet, each other and our technologies. Second is Stories from the Storefront, a radio recording booth designed to record the stories of anyone passing through our storefront space. Last is the CARE Fridge, which has been moved outside to provide community access 24/7.

Join us at the opening reception of Radio AAI next Thursday(6/23) 6–8PM!