SOUND TYPE: Music Writers Workshop Application

The Patrick Shirioshi Trio plays in the Asian Arts Initiative theater.


for the 2024 Music Writers Workshop at Asian Arts Initiative


Application Form is here.

** Applications due: Monday December 18, 2023 at 11:59 pm **

Apply to a paid opportunity (up to $3000) to connect with other writers and musicians about inspiring and thoughtful music that will be part of Asian Arts Initiative's Music Festival in 2024. The Music Writers Workshop will take place over 6 sessions at AAI starting in March 2024. A typical session may include: socially gathering with musicians and writers, observing a dress rehearsal, attending a musical performance, and joining a 3-4 hour writer's workshop. 

The goal of the Music Writers Workshop is to support emerging and established writers by inviting professional writers for coaching, and connect the cohort to AAI's diverse music offering in 2024. Any level of experience for music writing is welcome. We strongly encourage submissions from those who identify as Black, Indigenous, person of color and/or LGBTQ.

Screenshot of the Music Writers Workshop application

Application Form is here.

Please send any questions to asianartsinitiative [at] gmail [dot] com.


  • Participants must commit to the full program of 6 concerts, and be willing to attend at least 4 of the 6 weekend convenings in Philadelphia, PA.
  • 2024 Tentative Schedule: March 22-24, April 26-29, May 31-Jun 2, July 1-3, August 1-4, September 27-29. 
  • Participants must write, and be willing to share writing with the workshop group, and actively engage in discussions. 
  • We strongly encourage submissions from those who identify as Black, Indigenous, person of color and/or LGBTQ.
  • Up to ten (10) writers will be selected for this residency. Writers will be paid up to $3000 to attend 6 concerts and 6 workshops, contingent on attendance.

Advisors & jurors for this Music Writers Residency include:

Joshua Minsoo Kim is a Chicago-based high school science teacher and culture writer whose work can be found at Pitchfork, The Wire, Cinema Scope, and MUBI Notebook. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of Tone Glow. He is currently writing a book about music and sound in avant-garde film for Repeater Books.

John Morrison is a writer, DJ, and sample-flipper from Philadelphia. As a writer, his work has appeared in NPR Music, Bandcamp Daily, Jazz Tokyo,, and more. He is also the host of Culture Cypher Radio, a hip-hop radio show on NPR member station WXPN.

Anne Ishii is the Executive Director of Asian Arts Initiative. She has been published in BUST, Nylon, Slate, Publishers Weekly, the Village Voice, the Philadelphia Inquirer and many other publications. She has translated and rewritten over twenty books.


SOUND TYPE & the Music Writers Workshop is funded by the Mellon Foundation and Critical Minded.