Unity At the Initiative: 1223 Skate Park & Wheatpaste Gallery

AAI communications assistant Jino Lee skating in the 1223 Vine Skate Park and Wheatpaste Gallery

Swing by the Asian Arts Initiative building (1219 Vine St, Philadelphia, PA 19104) to experience the 1223 Skate Park & Wheatpaste Gallery as part of our Unity at the Initiative exhibition! Bring a board and skate on installed ramps and rails throughout the space, or pick up a brush and learn to paste custom posters around the walls of this interactive gallery / skate room.

Reserve your 30 minute slot here now!



How long are reservations?
You can reserve a 30 or 60-minute block of time.

Where do I go? How do I get in?
The park is located at 1223 Vine Street, between Asian Arts Initiative and the Best Western Plus. On arrival, call 215-557-0455 and select Option 2. You'll be greeted by a staff member who will grant you access and give you a brief overview of the park and guidelines.

Will I encounter other skaters?
Reservations are private and have a built-in 30-minute buffer to avoid overlap and for staff to address any sanitation concerns. The only other skaters will be the ones in your pod that you bring.

How many people in a pod?
We suggest a total pod of no more than 4-5 persons. Keep in mind it's a small park, all packed within the width of a city lot - so the more people, the more waiting on turns.

Does each person need a reservation?
No. Your reservation is for your entire pod, and the system will not allow others to make a reservation for the same timeslot.

What skate features do you have?
The park contains a quarter pipe, a double launch grind box, two mini grind boxes, and a couple of grind rails. The layout of the mini boxes and rails is up to individual skaters and can be placed in a number of configurations throughout the room.

Are masks required?
Yes. Masks must cover the mouth and nose at all times while inside the park.

Is protective equipment required?
Although we do not require it, protective equipment is STRONGLY recommended.

Do you provide skateboards and protective equipment?
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide personal equipment. All participants must provide their own gear.

Do I have to skate?
No. We have many visitors who do not skate. You can just do some wheatpasting if that's more your speed.

Can I bring my own posters to wheatpaste/put up?

While visitors are encouraged to wheatpaste the provided gallery posters, they are unable to put up personal flyers/posters in the skate park. HOWEVER they are invited to bring personal flyers/posters to hang up in the "Unity Within the Initiative" capsule exhibition down the hall from the skate park!

I am not LGBTQ or BIPOC - is the 1223 Skate Park for me?
We really appreciate you pausing to consider the space you're taking at the park. While the Unity art installations and care packages are designed by and for queer and trans communities, the skate park aims to serve as a place of inclusivity; creating space and community for all skaters. So you are most welcome, and while visiting, we challenge everyone to examine the mainstream perceptions of what it means to be defined as a skater.



Unity at the Initiative is a multi-site multimedia visual exhibition and in-home experience centered on the work of artist and skater Jeffrey Cheung and their UNITY initiative out of Oakland CA. U@I was envisioned as a means to increase representation of Queer and Trans artists of color; to embellish the gathering spaces of queer folks--community centers, city parks, art galleries--with more diverse representations of queer and trans bodies.