Unity Within the Initiative: Contribute Now!

Point of view from Pearl Street behind the AAI building, looking through double wide windows into a studio adorned on all walls with colorful flyers and prints. Painted banners hand from the ceiling displaying the slogan "UNITY Queer Skateboarding!!!!" and painted figures in embrace. The outside of the building is painted with a mural of the neighborhood.

Unity at the Initiative is a multi-site multimedia visual exhibition and in-home experience centered on the work of artist and skater Jeffrey Cheung and their UNITY initiative out of Oakland CA. U@I was envisioned as a means to increase representation of Queer and Trans artists of color; to embellish the gathering spaces of queer folks--community centers, city parks, art galleries--with more diverse representations of queer and trans bodies.

A faded flyer shows prominently amid a sea of flyers pinned to a wall. The central flyer is yellow with a printed a gradient of red to blue in a clean rectangle top to bottom. Superimposed on the gradient in yellow are the words (from top to bottom) "kù ér," the kanji for queer, and "queer"

The project begins with an iterative capsule exhibition, "Unity Within the Initiative," on view now at Asian Arts Initiative (1219 Vine Street, Philadelphia PA 19107), serving as a studio replica of Unity's Oakland print studio. Those interested can swing by 24/7 to view the diorama-like exhibit from the Pearl Street gallery.

Queer and Trans, LGBTQ+ identified aritsts and creatives are invited to contribute to "Unity Within the Initiative," with their own prints and flyers.

Please contact Joey Wong at joey@asianartsinitiative.org for details or mail your prints with "Unity" indicated in the packaging (Asian Arts Initiative 1219 Vine Street Philadelphia PA 19107)*!


A banner painted by Unity Artist Jeffrey Cheung hangs from the ceiling, depicting bodies in embrace, with the words "Asian Arts Initiative" and "Unity" printed along the sides of the banner.

*The prints posted in this capsule exhibition are meant to be ephemeral and interactive and as such will not be handled for archive, or returned.