I am Unity: Shanel Edwards

Artist Shanel Edwards is mid-dance move on top of a wooden platform in front of an older building. They are wearing a white turtleneck, flowy black and white-spotted pants, and white sneakers. Their hair falls down their left side in long orange locs, and their arms are spread from their body, as if getting ready to spin.

Unity at the Initiative: a multi-site visual exhibition and at-home experience centering art by and for Queer and Trans Artists of Color. I am:_____ is a blog series to get to know our partners.

Shanel Edwards is a Philadelphia rooted, first-generation Jamaican, Black, Queer, Non- binary, artist, and world-builder. They utilize movement, filmmaking, hairstyling, poetry, and photography as channels. Their creations are birthed through their Black queer and trans existence, tenderness, water, intimacy, and collective dreaming. shanel is a 2020 Mural Arts fellow and was a 2019 Artist in Residence with Urban Movement Arts (Philadelphia). They have choreographed for productions at The University of the Arts (2019), and Princeton University (2020). shanel works closely with spirit and their ancestors through herbal knowledge, divination, and channeling through movement to envoke and envision a world where Black trans women are liberated.

"My creative work is tender, human, and grounded. my website is shaneledwardsart@gmail.com where you can find my portfolios!"


Finish this sentence with a word or two: I am a:_______

ever changing human. 

What's the most half-baked hobby you took on since the COVID-19 shutdown?

Roller Skating 

What are you binge-watching?

Poster featuring the Wentworth tv show title character with arms crossed, looking into the distance, wearing a teal crewneck sweatshirt. She is superimposed on a faded image of a scene depicting the show's other characters.

Wentworth on Netflix

What's the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

My friends Tik Tok 

If you were to create a signature skate move, what would the move involve/look like?

Skating on water 

Anything you'd like to share with the world?

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