Three screenprinted handkerchiefs overlap each other and a flat USPS Priority Mail box, with small Care Package objects arrayed atop them. Framing the left and right of the image is tape with a red-to-yellow background gradient, and text that repeats "WITH CARE"

Get a Care Package

Do you live in Philadelphia and identify as QTBIPOC? Would you like to receive a Unity at the Initiative Care Package this February, curated by FORTUNE?


Contributors: FORTUNE, Felicia Blow, Jeffery Cheung, golden collier, Hardwork Movement, Icon Ebony Fierce, Lucia Garzón, JK Chang, Kamihira, Kilamanzego, Kirby Reiko McKenzie, Malachi Lily, Marria Nakhoda, Moor Mother, Naima Merella, Olivia Neutron-John, Rachel Ishikawa, Ramona Córdova, Serena Hocharoen, Tagine Dream, Truelove Seeds & Jasmine Hamilton, Wit López, Yarrow