Wall adorned with colorful queer and trans artists flyers

Queer Trans Power Unity

Unity at the Initiative is a multi-site exhibition and in-home experience celebrating the work of Jeffrey Cheung and Queer/Trans artists of color in Philadelphia.

A photo of 1223 skate park, with a quarter pipe ramp against the back wall, foregrounded by skate rails and another smaller ramp. Unfinished walls are covered in posters.

Roll with us at 1223 Skate Park

Want a chance to skate in our custom indoor skate park and/or add wheatpasted posters to the indoor gallery?  Reserve your spot now to visit the 1223 Skate Park!

Meet the Unity contributors

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Jeffrey Cheung skates Unity at the Initiative

Queer Skate Forever! Jeffrey Cheung at the Municipal Services Building in Center City Philadelphia, shot by Rashid Zakat.

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Jeffrey Cheung paints Unity at the Initiative

Check out our capsule exhibition Unity within the Initiative at the Pearl Street Gallery!

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Unity at the Initiative Video Exhibition

Watch our contributing artists' films online, also viewable from outside the Asian Arts Initiative Building!