Our Space

Located in Philadelphia’s Chinatown North neighborhood, Asian Arts Initiative is a multidisciplinary arts center where all people — across experience and skill levels, age, race, and class backgrounds — can view and create art that reflects our lives, as well as think critically and creatively about the future we want to build for our communities.

Our multi-tenant arts facility, built in 1906, first served as a film screening and storage house for Duquesne Amusement & Supply Co (owned by the three eldest of the Warner Brothers), before later being converted into a medical supply depot for the Great Influenza epidemic of 1918-20. With a storied history throughout the 20th Century, today it serves as a resource for the broader cultural community, with individual artist studios as well as organizational and program space — including room for workshops and meetings; gallery and exhibition areas; and a black-box-style theater. Our building community is comprised of long-term and short-term tenants: mission-aligned service and arts organizations, artists, community groups, and more.