large group of kids in matching shirts at a rockclimbing gym


Youth Arts Workshop is an inclusive year-round after-school program with a four week summer arts camp for Middle School students ages 10-14.

At YAW, we:

  • Provide year-round, summer and after-school programming for youth in grades 6, 7, and 8, offering creative development and a safe space for youth.
  • Create art-making opportunities for Asian American youth and fellow students from all backgrounds to share their experiences to develop cross-cultural understanding and connect with a sense of community.

At YAW, teens will:

  • Gain greater understanding of their own and each other’s experience
  • Develop critical thinking skills through dialogue and storytelling
  • Find ways to incorporate their experience and understanding into their art
  • Demonstrate improvement in specific artistic skills
Photo of YAW student writing and playing cards

Pursue creative exploration!

Three years ago, Jen began attending the Youth Arts Workshop as a fourth-grader when her older brother volunteered as a classroom assistant. When she first joined, she felt like didn’t belong at school and was unsure of herself. Today, Jen is a twice published author (her own book Fish and one through the program), stellar program recruiter who brings her friends to Asian Arts Initiative, and most importantly, has found her creative voice. Jen's experience is reflective of many of our youths' experience in the Youth Arts Workshop.