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Dinh Q. Le

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Dinh Q. Lê (born 1968; Vietnamese name: Lê Quang Đỉnh) is a Vietnamese American fine arts photographer, best known for his woven-photographs. Dinh Q. Lê was born in 1968 in Hà Tiên, a Vietnamese town near the Cambodia border. The Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia took place in 1978, when Lê was ten, his family emigrated to Los Angeles thereafter. After Lê received BFA degree in photography from University of California, Santa Barbara, inspired and taught by his aunt during childhood, he started his first photo-weavings using a traditional technique. He continued this skillful presentation while earning his MFA degree from The School of Visual Arts in New York. His artwork includes installation, video, sculpture, and urban intervention. Dinh Q. Lê spends time in both Vietnam and Los Angeles producing his work.