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Dwight Dunston

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Dwight Dunston is a West Philly based hip-hop artist, musician, educator, facilitator, organizer, and Quaker (kind of like the Bayard Rustin of hip hop, or James Baldwin as an emcee) with roots in the Carolinas and deeper roots in West Africa. His passions/gifts include supporting folks to tap into their super powers and supporting communities to develop the tools, skills and techniques to stay connected across different identities.

As an artist, he is a founding member of the nine-piece hip-hop group, Hardwork Movement, and the musical group, City Love and has performed at schools, venues, and festivals across the country, sharing the stage with Questlove, Talib Kweli, Michelle Alexander, Jonathon Kozol, and many others. His passion for music stems from his desire to make sense of the events that make our lives unique and intertwined, all at once. Sterling has worked with youth from all different backgrounds, at summer camps and in classrooms, for the last 10+ years and truly believes that if we empower and inspire the youth of today, our future will be in great hands.