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Eva Wu

Headshot of Eva Wu
Photo by Ryan Collerd, courtesy of The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage

Born in 1992 in New Mexico, Eva Wu (formally Eva Wǒ) is a queer biracial self-taught artist who has been based in Philadelphia for over a decade.

Like a dream, Wu’s visionary art conjures multiverses, portals to utopia, their version of ‘the world we want to live in.’ Their multimedia art includes gifs, lenticulars, light boxes, murals, music videos, risograph, and immersive/interactive installations. Through opulent and lucious visuals, they aim to journey across dimensions with joy as their guide and color as their lover.

Known for sexual obscenity, Wu creates bold remedies to uproot shame. For example, with Hot Bits Collective, they collaborate to produce opportunities to watch fantastic queer porn in public, cruise, and present otherwise censored art/film for all.

Currently, Wu is expanding their 3D animation skills in the Time-Based and Interactive Media graduate program at the UPenn's School of Design.

Wu has been awarded fellowships from The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage (2020-23), Leslie Lohman Museum of Art (2020-21), Leeway Foundation (Art & Change 2019, Transformation award 2017), Center For Emerging Visual Artists (2019-20), and Elsewhere Museum (2019). Their work has been exhibited with solo shows at Practice Gallery (2022) and 40th AIR Space (2017), in galleries throughout the United States, including Oakland Museum of California, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, and screened throughout Europe and the Americas.