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Jason Vu

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Jason Vu is a dance and performance artist whose research in movement, sound, sensory attention, queer possibility, and Vietnamese diaspora creates emerging strategies for intra- and interpersonal connection. Jason is currently an MFA candidate and adjunct assistant professor at the University of the Arts School of Dance, where he facilitates creative and educational containers for students to engage the study of deep listening, ecological integration, and movements toward radical and equitable possibilities. He assists the choreographic processes and visions of visiting artists at UArts, including Jenn Nugent, Doug Varone, and Netta Yerushalmy. Jason has toured 48 cities throughout the U.S. and Europe as a principal dancer for Dana Foglia Dance and Melanie Martinez’s K-12 World Tour, choreographed by Brian Friedman. He has screened award-winning dance films at festivals in the UK, Canada, New York, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. Vu received his BA in Health and Human Biology: ‘Dance as an Alternative Form of Healing’ from Brown University.