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Michael DiCarlo

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Michael DiCarlo is an artist and designer whose practice is rooted in architecture and architectural methods. He is particularly interested in projects that blend disciplines and require special attention to be given to public interaction, not only with the artwork, but also with the surrounding architectural or urban context. DiCarlo helps to realize visionary concepts into tangible, real-world objects while developing novel fabrication and construction strategies. He has worked closely with artists, designers and architects on a range of scales- from product to large scale art and architectural installations- across the US and Europe. DiCarlo has worked with Walid Raad, William Tucker, Gensler Architects, Concrete Works Studio (Oakland, CA), Associated Fabrication (Brooklyn, NY), Thomas Heatherwick Studios (London, UK), and Jeanne Schultz Design Studio (Barcelona, Spain), to name a few. In 2018, DiCarlo worked with French architect, Arthur Mamou-Mani, on Galaxia Temple, a large-scale Timber space for BurningMan, built by an international team of over 100 individuals. Currently, he is working with UV Labs to produce NEMETON, a temporary public art installation in Strasbourg, France. As part of eo Studio, DiCarlo is a Creative Capital 2023 Awardee for Tankugbe Incubation Lab, and he recently completed a Masters in Robotics for Advanced Construction at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, in Barcelona.