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Naima Merella

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Naima is an herbalist, artist, yogi, energy worker, teacher and curator based out of Philly. Naima is passionate about healing and building community. They believe that as we heal ourselves as individuals, we help to heal the collective. Naima offers tactile experiences that help people heal through community, herbs, art, movement, music and energetics. Naima is the founder of Rosey Maple Teas, an organic hand blended herbal tea line that aims to help people support their physical and emotional well being using local herbs, sometimes grown in Naima’s garden, and herbs that are important to Naima’s ancestry. Naima hopes that these teas can raise awareness about the ways people have always partnered with plants, helping people understand that the earth provides us with most of the medicine we need, which will help people be able to connect more deeply with the earth and ultimately make decisions that help to protect the earth rather than exploit it. Using this small act to ripple out and aid in the larger climate crisis we are facing.