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Ramona Córdova

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Ramona Córdova is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, poet, songwriter, sound recordist, producer and sound & visual design artist. They have toured nationally and internationally, performing at art museums, galleries, cultural centers, town halls, youth centers, shelters, public schools, public libraries, contemporary art and music festivals over the past decade.

Born in the Mojave Desert--Kingman, Arizona, February 17, 1984--from Haitian-Filipino and Puerto Rican parents, Ramona moved from place to place throughout their entire life thus far. These experiences in union with being self-specified as inter-feminine and identifying as a non-binary person informs their work. Ramona is currently living in Albania, while engaging in various sound and visual projects intended to speak to the challenges of living under systems of oppression while inspiring introspection and personal growth toward the maturing of our societies.