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Rory Scott

Headshot of Rory Scott

Rory Scott is a multidisciplinary artist, whose work utilizes animation, extended-reality (AR & VR) along with handcrafted means to create emotive environments & re-imagined life. Since 2010, her primary focus has been on her ongoing project Impermanence—which serves as both her life practice and visual body of work. Impermanence, as a practice, is an ongoing reflection and confrontation with the passage of time. An exercise of letting go and learning to use time as an agent of change, by creating deliberate & consistent patterns to achieve desired results. As a body of work, Impermanence embodies these ideas through the use of visual patterns & the creation of worlds that reflect the inner universe of memory, thought & mind. While also examining the origins of thought, belief and the perception of reality, through the use of dreamlike imagery and augmented worlds. These ideas in conjunction with Scott’s interest in futurism/technology and its relationship with humanity, form the foundation of her work. “If nothing else, I hope that my work opens up more minds to the true collective nature of reality. That the lives we live and the world we experience, are a mirror reflection of the patterns of our inner dialogue & thoughts. When you change your thoughts, you change your behaviors & actions and when you change your actions you change yourself, when you change yourself, you change your community & humanity in turn.”