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Sarah K. Khan

Headshot of Sarah K. Khan with red, white, and purple stripes behind her.

Artist/scholar Sarah K. Khan, a two-time Fulbright recipient, creates multimedia content about food, culture, women, and migrants grounded in social justice. She is in post-production on an animated documentary about [Indian women farmers] with a brown shero narrator, Amrita Simla. The series intersects globalization, environmental degradation, gender, and race/caste discrimination in addition to the loss of biocultural, and culinary diversities. The first film in the series is entitled, [Bowing To No One]. She also creates global media content on [Migrant Kitchens] and relays the [stories of migrants], through the lens of food with photography, film, and data-driven maps.

Khan has built a solid body of multimedia work that focuses on women, migrants, biocultural and agricultural diversity and sustainability. Since 2013, she completed 14 short films, over 25 articles, and 13 data-driven maps as part of the Migrant Kitchen Series and people of color farmers’ series.

She earned a BA in Middle Eastern history and Arabic (Smith College), two Masters (public health and nutrition, Columbia University) and a Ph.D. (traditional ecological knowledge systems, plant sciences, New York Botanical Garden/CUNY). She has received grants and fellowships to pursue her study, research, photography and filmmaking.