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Shizu Homma

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Shizu Homma is of Japanese descent and was born and grew up in Brooklyn. Her A.A.S. is in commercial art, her B.A. in art and education, and her M.F.A. is in art, with a focus on painting. In 1997, she started performing in dance performances. In 2002 she started creating dance works, which are usually a combination of choreography and structured improvisation. Her work is anti-imperialist, radical feminist, anti violence. She also is certified in Thai Yoga, Regenerative Design, and teaching Yoga. She has taken a break from dance between 2016 and 2018 due to medical reasons from her childhood injuries, and started experimenting with visual art and text based art. Her first Performance/Conceptual art work was at BPAF's Just SItuations conventions. This is her second stab at performance art.