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Unity at the Initiative Artist Film: against a backdrop of horror, the mundane is almost a luxury

"against a backdrop of horror, the mundane is almost a luxury" is an archival visual that ritualizes the mundanity of my existence. Playing/Humming/Silence/Dancing/Reading/Filing nails/sitting by the ocean or river/Twisting hair/Stillness /Lotioning/laughing. how my body calls back rest in these stunning subtle moments of being. my technology of survival denounces capitalistic notions of over-productivity and time scarcity. This visual articulates non-performative moments or restoration, of being poured into, of slowness, and screaming. It is a ritual of witness. I actively honor the mundane in my life as a ritual to support self-validation, rest, and liberation.

Film By: Shanel Edwards

Unity at the Initiative is an exhibition celebrating the work of Jeffrey Cheung and Queer/Trans artists of color in Philadelphia. The Unity at the Initiative exhibition features work by: FORTUNE, Carta Monir, Golden Collier, Icon Ebony Fierce, Jeremiah Jordan, Khari Johnson-Ricks, Malachi Lily, Moor Mother, Shanel Edwards, Soleil Summer, Vitche-Boul Ra, Wit López.