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Unity at the Initiative Artist Film: FEMME

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    Unity at the Initiative Artist Film: FEMME

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    April 12, 2021

“Femme” is a celebration of the divine feminine energy channeled through time periods post civil rights movement during the 70s, 80s, 90s. People often associate the aspect of black glamour as a way to be accessible to whiteness, when black artists, publications, and designers had to work within themselves to create these avenues because we weren’t widely accessible in tv, magazines, art, film and music. From Marcha P Johnson, Tracy Africa, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer, Sylvester, Chaka Khan, The Weather Girls, Sade, Jody Watley, Vanessa Williams, Anita Baker, Miki Howard, Whitney Houston, Ja net Jackson, En Vogue, Lil Kim, Kevin Aviance, Erykah Badu, Beyonce and beyond we give thanks to those that have contributions to what is considered glamour. Also there is black femme glamour in the history of drag, ballroom, rave scenes, house music culture, and all other alternative experiences with black femme glamour. It is purely a recognizable and unique experience that has truly shaped and influenced pop culture in ways that's been used, monetized, appropriated and swept under the rug. This experience includes drag performances and spoken word performances corresponding with these concepts.

Film By: Icon Ebony-Fierce

Filmed By: Sa’mantha Sayten of SayTen Studios.

Unity at the Initiative is an exhibition celebrating the work of Jeffrey Cheung and Queer/Trans artists of color in Philadelphia. The Unity at the Initiative exhibition features work by: FORTUNE, Carta Monir, Golden Collier, Icon Ebony Fierce, Jeremiah Jordan, Khari Johnson-Ricks, Malachi Lily, Moor Mother, Shanel Edwards, Soleil Summer, Vitche-Boul Ra, Wit López.